Loyalty Points Rewards


How to Earn Points

Just walk into any of our coffee outlets in our coalition program, request for the enrolment form, fill the form and hand it back to them. You get instantly enrolled on the program with a Membership ID.You will also receive a link to our easy to use mobile app to start redeeming Coalition points in our Coalition.

Whenever you purchase an item at our coffee outlets you will earn points. The points earned at the outlet will be redeemed at that outlet only. However, you also earn Coalition Points which you can redeem online for the different products and services we offer


How to Accumulate Points

Points can be accumulated whenever you make payments for coffee and other items services purchased at any of our coalition outlets. Simply inform the representative that you would like to accumulate your loyalty points after you must have been handed your payment receipt. The staff in charge will request for your loyalty card or loyalty membership number and also the payment receipt.

These information are then inputted on the loyalty platform with the amount paid, and the equivalent points to the payment made is then stored on the loyalty account.Once a service is paid, a confirmation email will be sent with details of the transaction and total points accumulated for said transaction.


How to redeem points

The points accumulated due to the points issued by the purchase at the merchant as well as because of your patronage to our loyalty program we issue additionally 10% of points gained at the outlet. Those additional points are Coalition Points.

To Redeem:
From Outlet:
Points can be redeemed at the outlet or can be redeemed online.When you go to any of the outlets , you will be able to redeem the points that you have gained at that outlet.

From Online:
When you go Online and view through the different offers we have in the Online Catalogue . If you have sufficient balance in your Coalition Loyalty Account, purchase using your points. An email with the details of the transaction will be sent to your registered email address, while a notification is sent to your mobile app. You can collect the Item at the address mentioned in the Email notification.

Our Merchants

Here are some of our Merchants where points can be gained and redeemed


Loyalty Program Benefits

The Alkwarm Loyalty program has been designed to reward all our loyal customers who have been with us over the years. We are happy that you have chosen to be associated with us. With that in mind, we have developed this program to show our appreciation. We keep improving the offers and benefits often with you in mind. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Loyalty program for each local coffee shop - Rewards customers with points through purchases made at a local coffee shop. Earned points can be redeemed at the same coffee shop.
  • Coalition loyalty program - Rewards customers who make purchases at any coalition coffee shop with points that will be redeemed through Alkwarm.
  • ​Customer satisfaction survey